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July 21, 2009 ~ Volume 1, Issue 7


Welcome back to my White Picket Fence Newsletter ~Missing Jessie Foster. I am very happy with the responsesI have been getting about this little newsletter and since Iwas sending out so much information just randomly, it was nice to get something together that is more organized.

was last seen in November 2005 – the last time her daughter Stephanie Thompson saw her mom was in June 2001. Stephanie and I have become friends on a missing – she will not stop looking for her mom any more than I would stop looking for my daughter, Jessie Foster.

Here is a heartfelt letter written to Catherine from her daughter, Stephanie…Catherine, if you are out there, if you have any way to contact anyone, PLEASE DO. For yoursake and for the sake of your family – you are much loved and missed so badly…Sincerely, Jessie’s mom Glendene.

Dear Mom,

First of all let me tell you that I miss you. More than I think you would ever believe. My days and nights are filled with thoughts of you. Hope, wonder and horror fill my head every hour of every day. Your voice resonates in my mind as if it was just yesterday that I spoke to you. Even after all of these years I would still recognize your voice if you called me. Just once. The impact missing you has had on my life is immeasurable. I find myself in tears or on the verge of tears every single day. Sick to my stomach thinking that someone has harmed you. Anyone who knows me knows you. Even if they have never met you.

I'd like to tell you about the journey I have been on since our last hug and kiss goodbye. When I watched your train leave Eugene that day in June of 2001, I knew in my heart it would be the last time I saw you. I felt so awkward that day and couldn't explain why I felt that. I told myself that I was being over reactive. Turns out my heart knew what my head would not allow me to believe. When you and Dad split up in 2002, it was so hard on me. It was like the rock had been shattered. It killed me. I was in the midst of a nasty custody battle and between jobs. I begged Dad to move up here in December of 2002 because the desert was too hard on him and he had nothing left there. Doug was on his own and Gregary was in prison. When he got here he was diagnosed with Emphysema and required full time care. I had a small child and a full time job, but I did my best.

We had nurses that would come for 3-4 hours a day while I was at work. When I last spoke to you in May of 2003, I am sorry for how I spoke to you. I should have let your truck driver boyfriend bring you up here. Even if it hurt my daddy. I should have given you the chance to show me who this guy is. You know Barstow is a small town and although I hadn't spoken to you since May I knew where you were and that you were ok. I could call home to any of my friends or our family and someone would have seen you recently, walking somewhere or at a friends house. You weren't hard to trackdown. I went to California to deliver Jimmy's pickup to him in Hollywood and we drove out to Newberry to visit. It was a short trip and so we didn't get much visiting in. This was shortly after your birthday in October 2003. We went to breakfast with Danny at Ihop in Barstow and meant to go find you. I had to get to my plane at LAX and I opted out of trying to find you to see you that day. I figured I would just see you when I came back down for another visit. I have regretted that decision every day of my life.

I got a call from Doug the week before Christmas 2003 and he saidthat he had spoken to a friend of yours and that you hadn't beenheard from in about 3 weeks. We all thought that was weird sinceyou were such a communicator. I told him lets give it a week andsee if you surface. Mom, you didn't. I called the Barstow Policeand they went to do a well check on you at the Topper Motel onMain Street where you were said to have been living with yourboyfriend Steve. When he reported that he hadn't seen or heardfrom you, they allowed me to file a missing persons report. Whenno progress was made I hired a private detective. He made contactwith Steve and he revealed that you had been working as aprostitute at local truck stops.

He said that he left for work one morning and when he returned you left a note telling him you were going to work and you would be home later. You left all of your belongings except you had your red 49ers jacket. The PI continued to work on the case but became road blocked because you know as well as I do… No one out there talks when they have an audible threat in their heads. Dad got worse and Trace becamemobile. My life quickly turned chaotic and I assumed that the Barstow PD would be working diligently on the case. I had such a diluted sense of how things really happen in missing persons cases. I took too much time off from looking for you.

We did a Candlelight vigil for you at the park in Newberry Springs in 2004 while Dad was still healthy enough to go down there. Your family didn't come but a lot of the people who you have touched in their lives showed up. Still only rumors would pop up here and there when someone would find a body in the desert. People would call me and swear it was you. I became very well acquainted with the Coroners Department and started watching their press releases on an every day basis. You know me, I can't just sit and wait for info if I know Ican find it first. In 2005 a friend of Greg's said that they saw you in Baker. He said that you were ok and you were taking care of an old man. When I tried to contact the friend he wouldn't answer me. So I called and emailed every person in Baker that I could find. 98% of those people confirmed it was you, but that you go by a different name. I gathered Trace up on Memorial day weekend and we drove all day and all night, met with Danny and we went to the trailer park where you supposedly lived. A man was caretaking the woman's dogs since she was in the hospital. He agreed to allow Danny and I to go inside to confirm your identity. Everything in that house screamed that it was you. I found a love letter to the man that lived their and figured the guy brainwashed you. I made my way to the bedroom and there I found pictures of this woman and her family over the years. She was not you. It wassuch a punch in the gut awful feeling.

I couldn't be gone from Dad too long so I picked up Greg andtook him to Oregon with me. a week later Doug called me totell me Grandma's house was burning down and he could hearher scream but couldn't find her. Mom, she died that night onJune, 09, 2005. You should have seen her memorial. It wasbeautiful. It was the first time in my whole life that all of herchildren and grand children had been gathered in the sameroom. Everyone was there except you.

We all believed that if you were in hiding somewhere that you would come out for your own mother's memorial. When you hadn't, that’s when my hope plummeted. I created a MySpace page for you in hopes that if someone saw it they would bring you back to me. A woman got in contact with me and told me that you were a resident in a mental health facility in West Virginia. She reeled me in and then quickly became defensive and quiet. She didn't want me to contact you. She refused to tell me at what hospital you supposedly were. I soon found out she was a stalker that plagued my best friend and her family because a member of her family is famous. I was so angry and upset that I shut down again. I couldn't believe someone could be so cruel and exploit someone's heart like that. But she did.

In September of 2006 your husband succumbed to his disease and passed away peacefully in his bed in the living room of my apartment. He still loved you to the end mom. You know the song "He stopped loving her today" by George Jones? I can't hear that song without tearing up. No matter what you ever did his love was true and deep and strong. He lost a long and hard fight with Emphysema. He had a slew of other health issues but the worst of it was that. He lived a good life here. He supported me in my search for you. Each step of the way. He helped as much as he could when it came to raising Trace.

Mom, you should see your Grandson. He is beautiful and loving and so much like me you would have to laugh. He misses his Grandpa terribly. He is smart and funny and he helps me search for you. My best friend Moe made him a T-shirt with your picture on it and he wears that more than his favorite Pokémon shirt.

In December of 2007 I received a call from Aunt Lori and she told me that Sarah had overheard at a baby shower in Newberry Springs. Sarah recounted the conversation to me. You know Sarah would have no reason to make up stories let alone know anything about what happens out there. She was told that someone had beheaded you and threw your body in a mine shaft in the mountains in Newberry Springs. They then said that her head had been taken around the residents inNewberry warning people of what happens to snitches. When I heard this my head started spinning and my stomach did a flip flop. I recalled a story about a woman who had went missing from Newberry Springs. I followed the story but since I didn't know her and no one until then had mentioned anything about you being back out in Newberry I never thought of connecting the two. That night I got a hold of Gloria Denton. The mother of the missing woman April Beth Pitzer. The next night we talked in length but could not put any pieces together to connect the two cases. Mom, I just found out this year that you and April were in fact friends and met at a mutual friends house in Yermo. She went missing shortly after you did. In June of 2004. Since then I have joined Gloria and went out on a search with her in April of 2008 in Newberry Springs and the surrounding area. Weuj turned up nothing on either one of you. Your boyfriend at the time has fallen off the face of the planet. More recently I have learned he was arrested so I am working on getting a hold of him. On Mother's day this year wejoined forces again and conducted a two day search in honor of April and you. This was the first official search done for you. What a great feeling it was but bittersweet at the same time. We received no clues. The day before the search we took Trace up to Calico Ghost town and he wore his shirt. Your friend Delia approached us and told us that she heard that you had been involved in a drug deal gone bad and forced into prostitution. She said that when you resisted you were killed and dismembered to thwart identification processes. Man, the news is never good.

Most recently Project Jason out of Nebraska featured you in a trucking job magazine and that sparked many leads. As of today all leads have turned out to not be you.

If you are out there mom, please contact me. Just so that Iknow you are alive. I live in Springfield, Oregon. Just on theoutskirts of town down by the river. Greg is back in Prison and Doug is still in Newberry Springs. We need to know that you are alive.

When dad passed away he left social security and veterans benefits that only you can collect. My home is not big but we will make room for you. You are very loved and very missed. I am not ready to be an orphan yet and Trace needs his grandma like I needed mine.

Love always,

Your Daughter Stephanie
The first time I read this, I cried my eyes outand when I read it again, it had the exact same effect on me. No matter if it is your mom or dad, daughter or son, sister or brother it is the same – YOU JUST WANT THEM BACK. How simple it sounds – how hard it is to live without them.

Stephanie – we will never stop looking for your mom. There are people worldwide who are praying for her – I know this because you and I have our dear-hearts on many of the same sites and there are supporters on each and everyone of them from all over the world.

Here is a list of websites from google. I know you don't have tons of room so if you list them in order that would be wonderful. Kelly Jolkowski has been a Godsend to me =) –Stephanie.

• Last seen in Barstow, CA on November 26, 2003
• Date of Birth: 10/01/1959
• Age (at time of disappearance): 44
• Height: 5"
• Weight: 110 lbs
• Race: White
• Gender: Female
• Hair: Brown
• Eyes: Blue

http://projectjason.org/forums/index.php?topic=5983.0 http://www.projectjason.org/18wheel/18WheelAngel_CatherineLique.pdf http://www.myspace.com/catherinelique https://www.findthemissing.org/cases/1847
http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/l/lique_catherine.html http://www.scapa-lv.org/whats_hot/missing.htm http://www.411gina.org/california.htm#lique
How sad it is to each and every one of us as we slowly grasp the reality of the scope of the missing. As we all lived in our own worlds ‘before’, we had no idea that in the USA every year there are somewhere in the numbers of 800,000 people reported missing – in North America that number gets higher and worldwide there has to be over a million people who are reported or who are known to be missing – OVER A MILLION. What in the heck is going on here? Are people so disposable that we do not know this is a reality unless or until someone you know goes missing; or some you know, knows someone who is missing?

I have been told by so many people that they never realized how many missing people there were until they heard about Jessie’s disappearance - so I believe that this is the same thing that other families with a missing loved one are told. So, now that we are in the ‘after’ – the before is before your life is ruined and you go through more turmoil and pain than ever before – more than someone could ever imagine – which is what I actually say a lot. When people tell me that they can’t imagine what I am going through, as a mother with a missing child all I can say to them is neither can I. And that is so true. If I was to try to imagine what it is really like to live day in and day out with a missing child, I would go absolutely nuts.I mean it. So I do not imagine it – I just live it. I have bad days and I have good days; I have and I have happy days. But Jessie is never far from my mind.

The after, is learning to cope with what you have to live with – and so you do. You do things that not only help you get through this, but you do whatever you can to help whoever you can get through ‘theirs’. We stick together, us people with a missing loved one…whether it is my daughter, Stephanie’s mother or whoever it is that has had to learn to live, learn to RELIVE life with that HUGE GAPING HOLE, like the one my daughter Jessie left when she disappeared.

2009 is the Year4theMissing

These are cities that people have called Detective Bledsoe with sightings of my mom. If you know of anyone who lives inthese towns or around the area, please forward my plea and ask them to pass my mom's flier out.

Meband, North Carolina / McAllen, Texas / LaSalle, Illinois /Mt. Vernon, Illinois / Tonopah, Arizona / King City, Missouri /York, Nebraska / Edinburg, Texas / Tallulah, Louisiana /Birmingham, Alabama

As most of you know, I have been told my mom was murdered and cut up out in the desert in California. I would really like to prove that wrong and have my mom know she is loved and missed. Please help me do this.

Thank you all in advance =) Stephanie Thompson
Some very exciting things have happened in the past fewweeks & I wanted to take some time here to mention them.

The human trafficking forum that I have attended here in Kamloops has asked me if I would speak at one of their forums and perhaps introduce a special guest they are looking forwardto having; Victor Malarek, investigative reporter for Canadian TV W-Five & author of several books, including two on the subject of human trafficking; The Natashas: Inside the New Global Sex Trade and The Johns: Sex For Sale and the Men Who Buy It.
Mark Price from the Kamloops Crime Stoppers office has attended the same forums and at the end of the last one he told me that ‘he had a deal for me’ and asked me if I would be interested in going to high schools to talk to the students about human trafficking. I was honoured.
Dottie Laster – from (I am only mentioning two organizations,but Dottie is involved in much, much more)S.T.R.I.K.E. Force Training ~ http://www.strikeforcetraining.org-a.googlepages.com/home and Laster Consulting ~ http://sites.google.com/site/lasterglobalconsulting/ - humantrafficking training & consulting; was in California last week tobegin filming a series on the subject of human trafficking. Shecalled me from the studio & did a phone interview with me touse in this series. I again, was honoured to be the one theythought of and was happy to do what I could for someone whohas done so much to help me in my search for Jessie.
I got the following email the other day, giving me another reason that I am very proud to be doing what I do on behalf of my international endangered missing daughter, JESSIE FOSTER, possible victim of a human ring.

SUBJECT: Human Trafficking in Alberta-CANADA

Hello Ms. Grant,

I would like to start this email by expressing our solidarity with your struggle to find Jessie.

I coordinate a Coalition called ACT Alberta, the Action Coalition on human Trafficking. We are a provincial coalition of NGOs, government agencies and individuals who are dedicated to identifying and eradicating human trafficking in our province. We have committees doing work on human trafficking in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Fort McMurray and Lac la Biche.

Jessie’s name and story – and your dedicated efforts to find her – often inspire our work. Your persistence and dedication are models for other families in this situation and your strength is reflected in our dedication to this issue as well.

We will be launching our new website soon and would like to include a section to raise awareness of Jessie’s story. I am requesting permission to include her story and a link to http://www.jessiefoster.ca I am hoping that one of you will be able to get in touch with me by email or phone at 780 421 0175 to discuss this request.

I hope it provides some small comfort to know of the many, many people in Alberta, in ACT Alberta and beyond, that support your endeavours to keep Jessie’s name on people’s minds.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

With kindest regards,

Andrea Burkhart

Coordinator, ACT Alberta-CANADA Action Coalition on Human Trafficking

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