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June 8, 2009 ~ Volume 1, Issue 4

PICTURE ON PAGE 2: ‘FINDING HER WAY’ by award-winning Kamloops stained-glass artist, ROSANNA McDONNELL. This stained-glass masterpiece was designed, created & donated to us for a raffle prize. Another example of the awesome support we get from so many people. Thank you Rose - Canvas of Glass -


My poor little newsletter is not going the way I had planned and it saddens me. When Telus disabled my ability to send emails since last month, it has kept me from my contact with others that I have on a constant basis.

I send out a lot of emails, and now I have been wasting so much time trying to figure out what to do about it. I tried to set up my email addresses and simply use my at the Telus Webmail page, as it is usually ok to do even when your email client, in my case, Outlook Express, is not able to send out on the Telus mail SMTP server, but for some reason the webmail addressbook will not take my entries and trying to copy and paste my list did not work, it came back with an email error message, but I did not know what one was wrong. Then I tried setting up my addressbook in my address, but it would not work with the import function to put my list in without individually entering them one-at-a-time – who knows, I may go back and do that. Then I set up everything in Windows Live and just use my address, but it limited me to the amount of messages per day, and that simply did not give me enough to send to my whole list.

So, for my newsletter for last week, it got emailed to a very small part of my list and posted on some of my sites. The reason I say some of them, is because I wasted so much time on the email thing, that everything else got neglected.

That saddens me on many levels – not being able to do a missing person in my last newsletter, which is the point of this newsletter is the worst thing, and then falling behind in my emails, posts and everything else makes it all worse. After all, this is my job now.

Searching for Jessie and helping others as much as possible when they have a missing person in their lives is all I can do. Some people are just finding out their child, parent, sibling or friends is missing and others want to know how I manage to keep Jessie’s case in the public’s eye for over 3 years and if there is a way to answer them or help them, I will. Finding Jessie is what I want to do, but you all know that my second desire is to help others on the way – and to continue after we find her.

So, on page 2, I will be putting links to some organizations and sites that will help families with a missing loved one needing to know what to do when this happens in their lives. God knows I pray that you will never need to use it – AMEN. Glendene.

I wanted to include this Domino’s Pizza Gift Certificate for our Fundraiser Dinner for Jessica Foster ~ June 17, 2006 (wow, almost 3 years ago to the day) so you can see how much support we have received from our local businesses (who donate raffle ticket gifts, food and services – we even had someone donate a porta-potty for the dinner guests – which came in pretty handy that over 100 people did not have to use my house bathroom) and citizens (who come to the dinners and buy the raffle & 50/50 tickets we sell).

So here I am again, writing a newsletter without being able to get anyone to either give me permission to include their missing loved on in my newsletter, since I have not been able to message as I usually do, like I did with APRIL PITZER and VALOR HOWELL, in the 2nd issue – April’s mom emailed me right back after my 1st issue and said she definitely wanted April’s story in here and Valor’s dad’s family are friends of mine here in Kamloops, and I got permission from them.

So here is Issue 4 without any specific missing person’s story being told, but please, if you want someone included, simply email me, and it will be done. You can either write it yourself including police info & websites, etc, or I can take information from other sites to include. I want to get as many people in my newsletter as possible – this will be one small way I can try to pay-it-forward, as so many others have when they helped me when Jessie went missing.

This list is a SMALL list of organizations that are there specifically to help families & friends with a missing loved one. There are simply too many to post and I am very sorry for all those who have helped me since Jessie has been missing who is not listed here, but I will be posting links often. The ones posted below have many excellent links on them, which is one of the reasons I have posted these ones today. The way I got them though was very easy, instead of searching every single one of my emails, my huge Jessie folder and computer for them, taking forever, all I did was, I went to or and put “missing persons organizations” in the search bar.

* The National Center for Missing Adults (NCMA) ~ ~ Link with Jessie’s info ~
* National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) ~
* NamUs ~ ~ Link with Jessie’s info ~
* The Laci Peterson website (which has many useful links to other sites) ~
* Project Jason ~ ~ Link with Jessie’s info ~
* The Charley Project (which also has many useful links) ~
* Missing Pieces Radio Show ~ ~ Links to Jessie’s 2 shows, Episode 22: I Have a Missing Daughter & Episode 79: The Search for Answers Continue
* The Nevada Center for Missing Loved Ones ~
* Missing Persons and Others Who Need Our Help (with helpful links) ~

My name is Rosanna McDonnell; I learned the skill of stained glass here in Kamloops several years ago. I chose working with art glass as a form of artistic expression for many reasons; the wonderful textures, the broad spectrum of colors and an array of illumination in different light. A finished piece of stained glass art is essentially two pieces, as they show diverse radiance during the daylight and at night. The best part of working with glass for me would be holding the finished piece up to the natural light for the first time.

The piece that you are viewing is called Finding Her Way” brilliantly framed with a chocolate pear wood. It is a panel I created and donated to Glendene Grant, a long time resident of Kamloops.

Glendene is a mother who is desperately searching for her daughter Jessie Foster. Jessie has gone missing from Las Vegas area more than a year ago.
This stained glass piece can be won in the Jessie Foster Fundraising Raffle. Tickets are only $25.00 for 1 or 5 for $100.00 the value is over $1,500.00 dollars. The value of a human being is priceless.

All money from ticket sales will be applied to the reward & the search for Jessie Foster.

Draw Date September 2, 2007

(NOTE: this work of art was raffled off and the winner was a very good friend of ours, Dennis Blais, then on Dec 24, 2007 he came to my house with a gift for me. When I opened it up, there was “Finding Her Way” – so far so good, as you can tell, this Jessie in stained glass already found her way home).

Thank you to Rosanna McDonnell, Dennis Blais and all our supporters who bought tickets on this raffle. Glendene.

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